Blog Posts

Collateral and Sales Enablement


Technical Content

  • White paper: "How Indeni Works"
    This WP is a nearly complete rewrite of a previous asset, to support the launch I led. Its purpose is to alleviate an engineer's concerns during evaluation and equip them to convince the decision maker.
  • Indeni Product Evaluation Guide
    A guide so customers can DIY their own POCs and progress themselves down the funnel. It has a "tech doc" feel with a carefully crafted length to be valuable but not overwhelming.
  • Check Point Deployment Trends Report 2020
    This report is a public-consumption tool to build Indeni's reputation, based on the telemetry data unique to their product. I was the sole author and analyst for the report.

Code Samples


  • Reflections on a Failed Startup
    Retrospective for my own unsuccessful startup in 2016 from technical, business, market, and product perspectives.
  • Glasscleaner xRD Doc
    Early design doc for the Glasscleaner startup, combining use cases, personas, core problems, and solutions. Hybrid MRD/PRD/Design/status.
  • Glasscleaner About Page
    The marketing page for my failed startup: a B2C SASE service using Threat Intelligence to reduce online threats for Web users.